Get your clinic online

Introducing Remote Clinic (formerly Sanitatis), an open source Clinic Management System that allows you to get your clinic(s) online without a hassle.

Powerful, yet elegantly designed live dashboard that gives you complete control of your clinics from a single page.

Remote Access

Since your Remote Clinic is hosted in the cloud, you will always have unrestricted access to your office work, whether you are at home or traveling.

Responsive Design

Coded with Bootstrap 3, Remote Clinic v2 is fully responsive, so you can access your office on the go via tablet or mobile.

Open Source

As an open source project, we expect Remote Clinic to grow under a diverse and more vibrant community, making it better everyday.


Coded entirely with Core PHP so you can make it better. Customize and integrate it the way you want. — Work your magic!

An effortless Patient Management System

An effortless Patient Management System for your clinic that keeps your Patients’ data well organized and right at your fingertips when you need it.

Realtime Updates

Realtime updates on your Patients and Staff progress keeps your clinic’s workflow in check.

Patient History

Reduce the time spent shuffling through paper documents and keep your Patient data just one click away!

Data Privacy

With complete control of data privacy, private information of your Patient is always protected.

Seamless collaboration across your clinics

A simplified Staff Management System that make seamless collaboration across all your clinics possible, regardless of their location.

Access Levels

Avoid system abuse and any possible mismanagement by setting up appropriate access levels based on your staff types.

Recent Activity

Spend less time auditing your clinic's performance by logging every action throughout the day.

Live Updates

Live login updates from your staff enables your clinic to have a smooth workflow and less time managing your patient queues.

Your clinics are always online

Go beyond one clinic one doctor concept. Because when you have the medical staff and resources available, and the goal is to serve, it should be all hands on deck.

Live Stats

Receive live graphical statistics of your clinic right on your dashboard allowing you to check on your branch operations without leaving your desk.

Multiple Profiles

Scaling up your operations should be exciting, not distracting. Remote Clinic offers an effortless administration for your clinics.

Sales Stats

Keep you sales record transparent and reduce time spent on managing them with our simplified sales statistics.

Keep your medicine records in check

Keep your medication records always in check with a simplified and privacy-enabled Inventory Management System that protects your clinic from any interruptions.

Inventory Warnings

Keep your clinic operations running without any interruptions and receive a heads-up as soon and your inventory is low.

Usage Graph

The Usage Graph gives you quick insights into recent medicines usage and helps you manage your inventory efficiently.

Refill Updates

No need to manually check on your inventory when you need to refill a prescription. These updates are right on your dashboard.

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